COMMANDER - Rear Adm. Tim Szymanski

FORCE MASTER CHIEF - Master Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Derrick A. Walters



Sea, Air, Land (SEALs)

​Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC)





Sea, Air, Land (SEAL)

The SEAL team is the heart of the NSW force; a multipurpose combat force organized and trained to conduct a variety of Special Operations missions in all environments. SEALs conduct clandestine missions infiltrating their objective areas by fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, Navy surface ships, combatant craft, submarines and ground mobility vehicles.



​​Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen

Special Boat Teams are manned by Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen who operate and maintain state-of-the-art surface craft to conduct coastal patrol and interdiction and support Special Operations missions. Focusing on infiltration and exfiltration of SEALs and other SOF, SWCCs provide dedicated rapid mobility in shallow water areas where larger ships cannot operate. They also bring to the table a unique SOF capability: Maritime Combatant Craft Aerial Delivery System — the ability to deliver combat craft via parachute drop.


If SEALs and SWCC are considered to be the action arms of NSW, then the Enablers are the backbone of the organization. SEALs rely heavily on the services of technicians such as mobile communications teams, tactical cryptologic support and explosive ordnance disposal specialists. Enablers contribute heavily toward the success of the special warfare operations mission.


LOCATION: Coronado, California

ESTABLISHED: April 16, 1987

MISSION: Man, train, equip, educate, deploy, resource, and sustain forces to conduct direct action and special reconnaissance, support advise-and-assist programs, and build partner capability, in or out of the maritime environment, by employing tailored capabilities in support of military commanders, Chiefs of Mission, interagency, and foreign partners and allies.
PEOPLE: Approximately 10,000


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