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The USSOCOM Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate is offering a virtual presentation as a way to communicate areas of interest in FY18.  The presentation will be available starting 15 March 2017 and will feature an introduction by the USSOCOM S&T Advisor/S&T Director. The presentation will also include members of the S&T Directorate staff presenting information about the technology/commodity areas of interest and intended technology objectives.

The portfolio is diversified and includes the following commodity areas:

Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4).  C4 focuses on tactical communications, network transport, and enterprise networks.  The FY18 areas are scalable, mobile, and over-the-horizon communication networks and unclassified large data analytics and visualization.           

Fires/Scalable Effects Weapons. The Fires portfolio focuses on implementing improvements and correcting deficiencies related to SOF's small arms.  The portfolio also includes increasingly effective ammunition, explosives, and devices offering scalable effects.

Optical Electronics/Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR).  Optics portfolio focuses on advanced multispectral systems, displays, and LPI/LPD devices to provide an exponential leap in SOF targeting and situational awareness. ISR focuses on systems that significantly improve SOF situational/threat awareness, and improved multiband sensors.

Protection. Focuses on materials and form factors for body worn protection and platform survivability against emerging threats. 

Biomedical/Human Performance. Focuses on tactical combat casualty care, real-time medical monitoring, and maintaining optimal SOF operator performance. 


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