Science and Technology Successes

USSOCOM’s Directorate of Science & Technology (S&T) provides operational enhancements by inserting new technologies and capabilities into the battlefield. Hardware and software technology are adapted, modified, and/or integrated to meet SOF operational needs. Technology Development Roadmaps are developed to improve the ability to select, manage, and transition S&T projects for fielding. These roadmaps guide USSOCOM resourcing to meet multiple SOF requirements, critical gaps, and needs. This focus results in putting increased capability into the hands of SOF operators.

Recent S&T successes:

Viper Strike Development of unique scalable effects weapons and precision guided munitions, such as Viper Strike, that provide increased capabilities for far-forward SOF small teams.
Night Vision Device Development of digital multi-spectral night vision devices that provide SOF operators enhanced situational awareness, at night, on the battlefield.
ADUNS-S Development and fielding of Advanced Dual Band Night Scope – Sniper (ADUNS-S).
Shock Absorbing Seat Reducing SOF injuries from shock and vibration by developing advanced shock absorbing seats for maritime platforms and ground mobility vehicles.
Casualty Care Equipment Kit Saving lives through the development of state-of-the-art SOF Tactical Combat Casualty Care equipment kits.
Improving SOF capabilities through advanced tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) devices.
Improving austere location force protection capabilities for SOF to include the development of standoff control of weapons stations.
Development of better performing and cheaper SWIR sensor technology allowing for greater commercialization of this technology.
Developed SWaP improvements in critical micro-digital display technologies.
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