Science & Technology

S&T Objectives

USSOCOM's S&T activities support the Command's acquisition processes. Specifically, the Directorate of Science & Technology (S&T):

  • Seeks out visionary and non-traditional approaches through collaborative engagement;
  • Conducts technology discovery and longer term technology development efforts across the S&T enterprise to provide revolutionary capabilities for the future force;
  • Finds mature technologies that provide operational enhancements for emerging Special Operation Forces (SOF) mission needs; and
  • Coordinates and leverages technology efforts, people, money, and assets to maximize efficiency and effect for USSOCOM.

Technology Discovery

The Special Operations Advanced Technology Collaborative (SOATC) process aligns SOF capability gaps with technology enablers and developers, focuses ongoing efforts across the S&T enterprise, and identifies additional innovation that is required to address these gaps. Through comprehensive technology assessments, the SOATC will be used to assess SOF's critical capability and technology needs and develop strategies to meet them.

Technology Enablers

Operational Enhancements focus on inserting new technologies and capabilities into the battlefield. Hardware and software items technology will be adapted, modified, and/or integrated to meet SOF operational needs. This focus will result in increased capability to SOF operators.

Technical Experimentation

The Directorate of Science & Technology in collaboration with various partners, continues to sponsor Tactical Network Testbed (TNT) events where material experimentation is conducted to provide focus for industry's emerging technologies and capabilities to support SOF. Technical experimentation creates synergy among industry partners, and academia; allows interim assessment of technology as it is being developed; and connects SOF operators to developers.

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