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To encourage new ideas, accept appropriate risk and develop new solutions that add value to our enterprise

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Creativity - Courage - Competency - Integrity


Advocate, Facilitate & Accelerate

Innovation is not just about an idea. Innovation is a process that takes an idea from its inception through implementation. Idea owners often require facilitators to help navigate the processes, and advocates to advance ideas beyond existing barriers. Providing both helps accelerate the ideation to implementation cycle in a repeatable manner that improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Connect Workforce Ideas to Organizational Objectives

Those who see opportunity first are often closest to the issues in the first place but not always connected to the strategic decision makers who can implement change. Connecting the workforce ideas to organizational objectives helps maximize the value proposition of every idea. Selecting the best ideas based on their value proposition benefits the entire enterprise and creates an environment where everyone is connected and oriented towards organizational objectives rather than just a few at the top.

Provide Resources

Money is only one resource that may be required to realize the value in an idea. Often individuals lack access to decision makers or a perspective that permits the full expression of an idea. An effective communication strategy is an essential resource required to manage change in any organization. At times, non-traditional processes are required when traditional avenues of implementation have failed.

Open Innovation Outreach

Based on the principle that most of the smartest people work for someone else, open innovation outreach is meant to connect idea owners within the enterprise to experts and expertise that exists elsewhere. Those experts and that expertise may exist elsewhere within the enterprise, or outside the enterprise, in the private sector or the academic community.

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Are you an innovator? Do you seek to create positive change in an organization? Please join our SOF Innovation Enterprise Network. Please join our SOF Innovation Enterprise Network.

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