Mission/Vision/Priorities of U.S. Special Operations Command 

SOCOM Mission in support of the GCCs

Defending the Nation and our Citizens


USSOCOM synchronizes the planning of special operations and provides SOF to support persistent, networked and distributed GCC operations in order to protect and advance our Nation's interests.



SOF Vision 

A Global SOF Network


SOF provides strategic options for our national leaders and the GCCs we support through a Global Network that fully integrates our military, interagency and international partners.



SOCOM Commander's Priorities

Ensure SOF Readiness

Help our Nation win

Continue to build relationships

Prepare for the future

Preserve our force and families



 The SOF Enterprise

Collective Excellence


The SOF Enterprise is a collection of military and civilian professionals with a reputation and a bias for collective excellence - focused on achieving superior results against our Nation's most complex, high risk challenges. Years of cumulative experience, expertise and special operations know-how form the center of gravity for the success of our Operators as well as our SOF Logisticians, Acquirers, Educators, Communicators, and Analysts - The Total Special Operations Force. Our people are our credentials.



SOF Ethic and Culture

Quiet Professionals


The simple, but time-tested, phrase "Quiet Professionals" best describes our SOF ethic and culture - the principles we live by and the behaviors and beliefs we exhibit every day. We are a values-based organization - always mindful that our personal and professional conduct reflects not only on ourselves but on our Nation. We are focused on contributing to the mission at hand and being a well-integrated part of the team -- unconcerned with who gets the credit and recognizing that much of what we do will remain in the shadows. We support the Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs) --if they are successful, we are successful; if they fail, we fail.

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